Compass Rose Sextet’s record Carnivalesque is a multi-hued album guided by varied, dynamic melodies, beautiful tones, and inspired playing throughout. Highly recommended!

–Joe K. Walsh, Mr. Sun

These folks are not only great players, but they seamlessly combine genres and rhythms to create musical mixtures greater than the sum of their ingredients.

–Steven Briggs, President
Blue Night Soundscapes
Blue Night Records

To the listener’s pleasure, Compass Rose Sextet offers bountiful variety, keeping melody clean and familiar, and accompaniment both fresh and supportive. Ensembles that risk blending such dissimilar styles are frequently at peril of disorienting the listener with too much variety, but CR6 does a stellar job of keeping it all together, continually tying up these diverse ingredients.

–Ted Eschliman

Compass Rose has a sound of their own—not just hot licks but true musical presentation. Keep it up, guys!

–Brent Hawley
Host of Mandoscapes, KRFC radio,
Fort Collins, CO

This music is wonderful, and unlike anything I have ever heard—yet filled with what makes me feel I’ve heard it somewhere … but where? An underground café in Eastern Europe? … or is that Southern Europe? Spain, Italy? No … Ireland. A jazz dive in New York? And it’s wildly romantic, evoking places where women wear skirts and move differently than they do here in these United States. And yet it is so Chicago—but in a way I’ve never heard before. Unique—the word actually applies!

–Sally Graver
Freelance writer

Compass Rose showcases well-crafted instrumental music with an accessible world music flavor. Their new CD, Carnivalesque, crosses numerous international boundaries, incorporating the sounds and rhythms of Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. The group mixes these international influences with American swing and blues.

–Angel Romero
World Music Central

Compass Rose has a very original ensemble sound with fresh interpretations of world music idioms that are intriguing and engaging, and full of surprises. Their research and original arrangements are a strength of the group. I recommend Carnivalesque to anyone with a love of new acoustic music.

–Stefano Santangelo
The Long Journey